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As an artist, I believe that artwork is the physical evidence of an emotional state. My works are produced as a result of an ongoing conversation between myself and color, texture, and emotions. I use color, its moods, and its psychological properties to reinforce a visual narrative. To color, I add a rich tapestry-like textural aspect. The weaving together of color and texture reflects both my educational background in textile design and my cultural background from India.


I create my mixed-media mosaic artworks in an age-old Byzantine technique, but using a wide range of materials and with a contemporary sensibility. The tesserae are embedded in tinted adhesive, enabling me to work with a lot of different materials: smalti, 24K gold-leafed glass, nipped glass bangles, other assorted glass, millefiori, marble, granite, slate, shells, fabric, jewelry pieces, copper, pebbles, pyrite, etc.

My approach to making art includes auditioning a very large number of materials for each mixed-media piece. Discoveries made while creating one piece generate a starting point for the next. The depth and beauty of the materials discovered excite and inspire the design.

The art concepts I work with include the relativity of color, illusions of depth, and the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated textures. Creating multiple visual planes on a flat surface is one of my favorite concepts. My styles and technciques also scale well, from small pieces to much larger installations.





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